The New Social Media

June 20, 2021

Agents are no longer just salespeople. They are community leaders, change-makers, and content creators. Blue Panda agents know this well. Each in different ways, they have built strong, dynamic brand identities in the digital space.

Our agents choose authenticity first. Their approach represents a change in direction from the traditional real estate "sales model" where social media content is overpopulated with listing ads that lack depth and personality. For today’s agent, being online isn’t enough. The challenge is to redefine the genre, providing your audience with quality information without losing touch of who you are.

We asked a few of our agents to share their thoughts on the new social media below:

Rose Hack:

Having an authentic presence on social media is very important to my business. Most people I know check someone out online on their Instagram or Facebook before meeting them. Being true to myself gives potential clients a view into me and my style of service. There are over 3,000 realtors in Ottawa but there is only one of me, being authentic allows me to connect with people who are going to value what I bring to the table.

Josh Reyes:

People these days only buy and sell from people they know and trust. Just like other industries, real estate is getting rid of the "middle man" and going direct to consumer. The days of fancy bus stop ads are done and the most efficient and effective way to reach people is through social media. Consumers are able to find all the information they need online without even speaking to a salesperson. The next step now is to find someone they know, like and trust. One quick and easy way to get to know someone is through their social media and online presence. 

Julie Patterson:

My goal on social media is to show value and that I have my client’s best interests at heart. It is not a sales pitch; it is a genuine intent to help. It is my goal to produce authentic, useful, and relatable content.

Greg Campbell:

Being in the business for as long as I have, and working with almost every single method of
promotion or advertising, I’ve learned that the best way to gain your client's trust and respect is
through the ongoing delivery of quality content both online and behind the scenes through
conversations. The use of video and podcasts has increased my business substantially as I’ve
become a voice of knowledge in the industry.


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