Goodbye Old Ways

June 20, 2021

Own Your Freedom. It’s the slogan we adopted years ago to celebrate radical independence in all of its forms.

To be truly independent, an agent needs room to grow and the opportunity to stand out on their own. A brokerage should act as a means of support, not a set of restrictions.

The old brokerage model forces agents to conform to the group by adopting rigid brand guidelines. At Blue Panda, we’re in the business of being different. Offering in-house creative services and branding strategy, we let our agents shine as individuals.

With BP Studio, we’re celebrating the power of your personal brand. By offering in-house creative services in tandem with branding strategy, we’re allowing agents to grow as individuals and serve their clients in the very best ways.

We defy industry convention with passion and purpose. In a world of conformity, choose your independence. The future of real estate is you.


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The future of real estate is you.

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